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25th June 2020


I am currently working on an original show which will premiere at Rakastajat-teatteri in Pori, Finland in September 2020. The show Metroporis will explore the conventions and history of Variety shows, circus, Vaudeville and the Finnish iltamat. We will plunge into the similaritites and differences of the 1920s and 2020s through acrobatics, sideshows, drag show, song, music, dance and many more on the course of the evening.

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6th July 2019

Here’s some upcoming shows I’m working on at the moment:

Hotelli Humina by Tatu Pekkarinen // Taivallahden kesäteatteri, Helsinki // 6th July – 24th August 2019

My Fair Lady by Alan Jay Lerner // Porin Teatteri, Pori // Opening night 7th September 2019

I’m also developing a couple of projects in collaboration with dancers which will take place in Pori later in the year. Stay tuned for more updates!


3rd February 2019

I will be acting at Taivallahti Summer Theatre in the musical play Hotelli Humina by Tatu Pekarinen this summer. The theatre is located by the sea in the beautiful city of Helsinki. More information to follow.

In the meantime please visit Taivallahden kesäteatteri for more info.

8th November 2018


The new dance film Five Letters to the Stranger Who Will Dissect My Brain (directed by Oonagh Kearney, coreography by Junk Ensemble, a Tyrella Films production) will premiere as part of the 63rd Cork Film Festival. I am honoured to have worked in such a beautiful piece of cinematography. See links below for more information.

Five Letters to the Stranger who will Dissect my Brain describes the soul-searching journey of first-year medical student Viv, whose first encounter with a cadaver in the anatomy room sends her on a quest into the nature of what it means to be alive.”

Tyrella Films

4th August 2018


My ensemble, Teatteri Taidepaska, have been working on a new exciting devised piece which will premiere at Culture House Annis in Pori on August 22. The play ponders upon the question: What would you do if you had two weeks to live?

Which things in life matter the most after you’ve sorted all mundane things for your passing?

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28th June 2018


Once again, I will be working at the magnificent Teatterifestivaali Lain§uojattomat – Pori Theatre Festival as part of the Production team and also performing as part of the official program. Go follow our FB page for updates: Lainsuojattomat

15th April 2018

kl_esityskuva (1)

In an exciting turn of events, I will be performing my original music live in Kotini, linnani at Contakti-teatteri. The show opens on Saturday the 28th April in Pori.

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Find us on Facebook: Kotini, linnani

8th March 2018

I have been commissioned to compose music for Contakti Teatteri’s upcoming show Kotini, linnani by Salli Salonen.

Kotini, linnani
Written by Salli Salonen
Directed by Ville Lehtonen
Cast: Una Harnett, Susanna Mikola, Virpi Piippo, Anne Rinnetmäki, Saara Salmi

Opening night Saturday 28th April at 7.00pm
Contakti Teatteri | Uusikoivistontie 83, 28130 PORI FINLAND

More information:

5th February 2018

I am co-designing costumes for the ”Sea Monster” as part of the Devising Debut Festival at the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Trinity College.

February 7th – 9th at 8pm, Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College Dublin

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9th September 2017

I was interviewed for the biggest daily newspaper in my home region, Satakunta, in Finland. The interview sheds some light on my experiences studying abroad in Ireland as well as working as a Drag Queen in my home town, Pori.

Satakunnan Kansa – Personal interview

2nd September 2017


I’m working as Production Assistant for the 18th annual Teatterifestivaali Lainsuojattomat/Pori Theatre Festival. Lainsuojattomat (Eng. Outlaws) is mainly a showcase for Finnish fringe theatre companies and independent artists with some international guests.

More info:

Lainsuojattomat on Facebook

19th August 2017

Satakunnan Kansa – Review on MEKKOPOIKA by Teatteri Taidepaska, written by Mikko I. Elo

15th August 2017

Satakunnan Kansa – Pre-publicity article on MEKKOPOIKA by Teatteri Taidepaska, written by Sini Kuvaja

10th August 2017


Teatteri Taidepaska: MEKKOPOIKA
Annankatu 6, 28100 PORI
August 18th – 27th 2017

Poika, joka halusi tanssia balettia ja tyttö, joka karkasi omilta syntymäpäiviltään metsään.

Lapsuuden maisemia, tuulessa liehuvia puhtaita lakanoita, Pori on perseestä.

Ihania mekkoja, ahdistavia mekkoja. Repliikkejä, jotka on pakko sanoa nopeasti, koska ne on aidointa, mitä oon koskaan sanonut ääneen.

Teatteri Taidepaska tarttui jälleen tänä vuonna aiheisiin, jotka ovat lähtöisin meistä itsestämme, ja meitä lähellä. Vuoden varrella on tarttunut mukaan kysymyksiä siitä, mitkä kaikki asiat vaikuttavat siihen, millaisia yksilöitä meistä kasvaa.

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